threadless vs threaded jewelry for piercings comparison

Threaded vs. Threadless Jewelry Stud Earring: A Comparison

Lets dive into the world of internally threaded stud earrings - your go-to for secure and chic ear jewelry. Learn how our solid gold jewelry offer both comfort and elegance, perfect for those wanting style without sacrificing comfort. Explorer our comprehensive guide now!

What is a Threaded Stud Earring?

valensole jewelry 14K solid gold internally threaded screw back stud earring

A threaded stud earrings are a popular type of earring that features a pin, or stud, that is inserted and secured into your piercing by screwing into a threaded backing. The threaded backing provides a secure fit, preventing the earring from falling out of the ear, and our flat back design reduces the risk of catching on your hair or clothing. Moreover, our collection of stud earrings are what you call internally threaded design. This means that the pin with threading, which is rough in texture, screws into a smooth backing without touching your skin.

Threaded stud earrings are great choice for individuals with sensitive ears. The screw-on back not only ensures a snug and secure fit, but also minimizes discomfort or irritation often associated with other earring types, i.e. butterfly earring backs. This feature makes them an ideal choice for daily wear and extended use. Additionally, our internally threaded stud earrings, including the pin, are crafted from solid gold, ensuring both durability and elegance.

What is a Threadless Stud Earring?

threadless stud

A threadless stud earring is a type of earring style that uses a pressure fit design rather than a threaded backing to keep the earring in place. These earrings have a pin with a small ridge or indentation at the end, and are inserted into a corresponding opening in the earring backing or labrets.

Externally Threaded Stud Earring

Whether you decide to choose internally threaded or threadless jewelry, we firmly believe they are both better options compared to externally threaded jewelry. Externally threaded jewelry has the threads on the end of the post that is connected to the jewelry front, and the backing screws onto the post. This means that to put the jewelry in your piercing, the external threading, the rough end, is inserted into the piercing. So, even in healed piercings, this process can be traumatic as it’s a rough textured may damage your skin.

Threaded vs. Threadless 

Piercing jewelry have evolved over time with the trend. In the past, it seemed that piercing studios primarily used surgical grade stainless steel jewelry with internally threading. However, there has been a notable transition towards surgical grade titanium jewelry that are threadless. Let's explore the pros and cons of both options here.

Internally Threaded Pros:

  • More secure because it needs to turn many many times for the pin's threading to lock in with the post back
  • Easier to remove and put on securely
  • Will stay on, even if your hair or clothing is caught on the piercing jewelry

Internally Threaded Cons:

  • It can take a bit more time to put on than threadless jewelry
  • Usually the backing is not interchange and can only stick with the same brand to ensure compatibility
  • May need to occasionally retighten depending on how fine or thick the threading is

Threadless Pros:

  • It can be easier to put on. All you need to do is push in and the tension holds it in place
  • Unlikely for the jewelry end to loosen by itself
  • You can universally use all threadless ends with all threaded labrets

Threadless Cons:

  • A bit of a learning curve to bend the jewelry, unless the threadless ends come pre-bent
  • Removal is easy, but if not careful the jewelry can fly off (not safe for diamonds)
  • If caught on something, like a brush or your mask, the threadless end can catch and pull out

Our Thoughts

Internally threaded jewelry boasters superior security and longevity, making it a top choice for those prioritizing comfort, safety, and durability. While it is likely be more costly than threadless jewelry, we believe that the benefits far outweigh the investment you will make.

The threading in internally threaded jewelry ensures a secure fit that requires multiple twists and turns before loosening. This design with a pin, provides ample time to notice any loosening, reducing the risk of accidental loss. Regularly checking and tightening threaded jewelry is recommended to maintain optimal security. Be careful not to overtighten as it may strip the threads.

At Valensole Jewelry, our internally threaded jewelry features exceptionally fine threading and a long pin for added security. Additionally, the beginning section of the pin if left unthreaded to serve as a guide, facilitating easy insertion and removal without the risk of accidentally dropping your jewelry.

This thoughtful design is especially beneficial for jewelry adorned with natural diamonds. While diamonds are the hardest naturally substance on Earth, they can chip if dropped, or even shatter, although extremely rare.

Choose internally threaded jewelry for unparalleled security, durability, and peace of mind. Invest in quality craftmanship that enhances the longevity of your cherished jewelry pieces to be as beautiful as the day you first got it!

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