threadless vs threaded jewelry for piercings comparison

Threaded vs. Threadless Jewelry Stud Earring: A Comparison

What is a Threaded Stud Earring?

valensole jewelry 14K solid gold internally threaded screw back stud earring

A threaded stud earring is a type of earring that has a pin, or "stud", that is inserted and secured into the ear by screwing into a threaded backing. The threaded backing provide a secure fit and preventing the earring from falling out of the ear. Our threaded stud earrings, including the pin, are made of solid gold. Threaded stud earring is a popular choice for people with sensitive ears, as the screw-on back ensures that the earring is held securely in place without causing discomfort or irritation.

What is a Threadless Stud Earring?

threadless stud

A threadless stud earring is a type of earring that uses a pressure fit design rather than a threaded backing to keep the earring in place. These earrings have a pin with a small ridge or indentation at the end, and are inserted into a corresponding opening in the earring backing or labrets.

Threadless vs. Threaded 

Piercing jewelry seems to have evolved a bit over time. Previously, it seemed that all piercing studios used surgical grade stainless steel jewelry and all jewelry was internally threaded. Now it seems more and more that surgical grade titanium is preferred and the jewelry is threadless. 

Internally threaded pros:

  • More secure because it needs to turn many many times for the jewelry to come out
  • Easier to remove and put on securely
  • Will stay on, even if your hair or mask are caught on the ring

Internally threaded cons:

  • Takes a bit more time to put on than threadless jewelry
  • Can only stick with the same brand to ensure universal compatibility
  • May need frequent retightening depending on how fine or thick the threading is

Threadless pros:

  • Easy to put on. All you need to do is push in and the tension holds it in place
  • You never have to worry about the end jewelry loosening
  • You can universally use all threadless ends with all threaded labrets

Threadless cons:

  • A bit of a learning curve to bend the jewelry, unless the threadless ends come pre-bent
  • Removal is easy, but if not careful the jewelry can fly off (not safe for diamonds)
  • If caught on something, like a brush or your mask, the threadless end can catch and pull out


Internally threaded jewelry is more costly to make, but if done correctly this is the most secure method of keeping your jewelry on. By this we mean that the threading has to be finer, or closer together, so that your jewelry will need to twist and turn quite a few times before falling off. This along with having a longer pin allows for more time to notice when the jewelry is loosening. With all threaded jewelry, it’s a good practice to always check that the jewelry is tightened every so often. 

Whether you decide to choose internally threaded or threadless jewelry, we believe they are both better options to select versus externally threaded. External threading inserted into even healed piercings is traumatic as it’s a rough textured surface rubbing against sensitive scar tissue. 

Our internally threaded jewelry has very fine threading and a long pin to ensure that your jewelry front doesn’t accidentally spin off on you. We also have a section of the pin without threading to serve as guide so that it’s easy to insert and remove without accidentally having your jewelry fly off and hit the table or floor. We do this because many of our pieces have natural diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, but because they’re composed of only carbon bonds, they may shatter if the jewelry is accidentally flung on a hard floor. We want you to love your jewelry and live in it as much as possible but remove it just as easily, so this should help keep your jewelry as beautiful as when you first got it!

At Valensole Jewelry, we make fine piercing jewelry you can live in.

You can wear our jewelry everywhere. You can wear it to work, to play, and to sleep without worrying about discomfort. We make jewelry you can live in that looks good and feels good. All of our jewelry pieces are offered in solid yellow and white gold.